hello my name is Rosa ! Did you now that my middle name is Florence I said that because I am writting this draft in Florence . On wednesday in the morning I woke up and got dressed .  Then we went  to the colisum .

After the Colisum we went to the Roman forums but to get in we had to  wait for a long time in a queue ! Finally we got out of the queue and went into the Roman Forums.  In the Roman Forums we saw a bunny rabbit. The rabbit was very soft because we got to stroke it.   We couldn’t reach it at first because it was behind some gates but then we found a way to reach the bunny rabbit and stroke it.


On Thursday we went to the train station and when we got to the train station we didn’t know which train to get onto.  After we got on the train the right train we found some seats and sat down. When we got to Florence we found a cafe and had some food because we were all very hungry.  The thing we had from the restaurant was pizza.  When we had finished the pizza we ordered a take away because we couldn’t finish all the little scraps of food. After the restaurant we got some ice cream, the flavours we had were lemon and cheesecake and honey.

On Saturday we got up and we brushed our teeth and got dressed and did all that stuff you need to do in the morning. Then we did blog or draft if you prefer.

We went outside to take photos of the flowers. The my brother noticed that there were some boys playing tennis.  We played tennis with them yesterday too.